About Jen

Jennifer Polansky, Realtor

Written by Top Agent Magazine

When it comes to providing top-notch service, Realtor Jennifer Polansky of Realty One Group in Phoenix, Arizona is playing at the top of her game. Having developed a reputation as one of the most trusted real estate professionals in the Grand Canyon State, she is dedicated to providing her countless grateful clients with authentic, conscientious and thorough representation.

Her former career was in the automotive industry, specializing in dealership operations including responsibilities ranging from public relations and mass marketing to inventory management and dealer negotiations. Jennifer eventually segued into the real estate field in 2010. “My husband and I started seeing opportunities to flip houses, and that’s where the adventure began,” she says. “Over time, I started getting referrals from like-minded people and within a couple years real estate grew into my full-time career.” She believes her past management experience in the auto industry has heavily influenced her real estate career. “In the car business, I could look at the entire business from a birds-eye view,” says Jennifer, “and pinpoint problematic areas and implement solutions. Now, in real estate, I’m able to see a transaction from a birds-eye view and pro-actively address problems before they become issues.”

Jennifer can currently boast of a business that is more than half repeat clients and referrals. When asked why she believes her clients remain loyal to her, she explains: “I think it’s because I’m a problem-solver rather than a problem-maker. I take a lot of pride in listening and helping my clients get over hurdles, while finding win/win solutions.”

Jennifer’s attitude is frequently remarked upon in client testimonials. Her affable, genial nature combined with expert negotiation skills and industry knowledge are a force to be reckoned with. “I do put myself out there a lot,” she says. “My smile is my trademark, my clients say they can spot it a mile away.”

While her business success is substantial, it’s the more personal side of the industry that provides Jennifer with the most satisfaction. “I love making memories with my clients,” she says. “Usually everyone is buying or selling a house for a reason. They’re usually in a transition in their lives, it could be a happy one or a hard one, but I like being the person who helps them get through it while leaving a smile on their face.”

An extreme commitment to distinct professional marketing is another tool in Jennifer’s arsenal, and to that end she provides complimentary staging for her clients, utilizes only high-quality professional photography and an aggressive marketing plan regardless of the price point she is working with. “Last year,” she says, “I spent over $30,000 on marketing, on full page magazine ads, appreciation events, network marketing, you name it. I am constantly thinking of new ways to stand out amongst the 45,000 Realtors in Phoenix today. The more memorable I can make something the higher the return on investment.” This commitment has positioned Jennifer among the top 1% of Realtors in Phoenix year after year.

When she’s not working, Jennifer enjoys nothing more than spending time with her husband and her two dogs, where they enjoy time outdoors at their cabin and continuing to renovate and remodel homes. All though yoga and gardening is enjoyed in her quiet time, she finds volunteering to be very rewarding. Highly active in the Southwest Valley Chamber of Commerce, and in her own HOA, she finds staying connected in the community keeps her mindful and aware of issues outside of real estate.

For more information about Jennifer Polansky, visit www.JenniferPolansky.com or please call 480-577-3918. Email at JJPRealty@gmail.com

As of 2023 Jen has sold over 135+ million in real estate and personally sold over 400 homes.